Yuko Hair Straightening
In Lakewood

YUKO hair straightening can protect and recondition hair while making it lustrous and permanently straight. Also known as “Thermal Reconditioning” or “Japanese Hair Straightening,” YUKO hair straightening can:

  • Retexture your hair
  • Improve the health of hair
  • Eliminate frizz
  • Make hair manageable & beautifully straight.
  • Restore natural shine & silkiness
  • Strengthen hair
  • The master Lakewood stylists at HQ Salon are well trained and fully certified to provide YUKO hair straightening treatments. Highly experienced with YUKO, we are update to date with the latest advancements in these treatments, and we can provide you with the best YUKO hair straightening services in and around Lakewood.

    YUKO Hair Straightening Treatments at HQ Salon Start at $500.

  • 6-8 months retouch - $375
  • The cost of this treatment will depend on your hair and the results you are looking for. Our stylists are happy to help you determine if YUKO is right for you – and provide you with a quote for this treatment – in a consultation.

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    Patented and internationally renowned, YUKO hair straightening involves a collagen-containing solution and heat technology to reconstruct the hair’s protein bonds in order to reshape them. Rebuilding hair from the inside out, YUKO hair straightening restructures hair to make it lie flat and keep it permanently straight. Like Brazilian Blowouts, YUKO hair straightening can:

    Work on all types of hair – This includes hair that’s curly, frizzy, straight, damaged, coarse, fine, etc. No matter how curly or unruly your hair is, YUKO will create the results you’ve always wanted.

    Improve the health of hair – Both treatments condition hair, rather than damaging it.

    Be tailored to fit according to hair type – Both treatments allow for custom solutions, instead of being one-size-fits-all type of treatments.

    Unlike Brazilian Blowouts, YUKO hair straightening:

    Provides more permanent results – While Brazilian Blowouts last about 12 weeks, YUKO can last for 6 to 12 months. Generally, it’s advised that clients maintain YUKO about every 8 months or so.

    Does not retain original texture of hair – Brazilian Blowouts can eliminate frizz while preserving the hair’s natural wave and texture (to the extent a client wants). In contrast, YUKO will change the texture of hair in order to make it permanently straight.


    The first step in the YUKO hair straightening process is a consultation to evaluate the status of your hair (i.e., hair type, hair length, damage levels and dryness) and determine if YUKO is right for you. Typically, YUKO is not recommended for hair that is shorter than 5 inches and/or that is excessively damaged.

    If YUKO is right for you, here’s what to expect during your YUKO hair straightening treatment at HQ Salon:

    The pretreatment – This includes a wash and pre-treatment sprays to nourish your hair before the
    processing solution is applied.

    The YUKO solution application – Once applied to all of your hair, the solution will be left in your hair to saturate it and work its magic.

    The rinse, blow dry & flat ironing – After the solution has been left in your hair for the appropriate amount of time, we will rinse it out, blow dry your hair and then flat iron your dried hair. This stage of the process creates the permanent straightness.

    The neutralizer application & final styling – The neutralizer conditions hair while finalizing the YUKO treatment. After applying and rinsing the neutralizer, we will blow dry and style your hair.

    This process typically takes 3 to 4 hours to complete.


    • After your YUKO treatment, wait 2 days before getting your hair wet, shampooing it, wearing hats or clips, and tying hair back. Wait at least 2 weeks before coloring your hair.
    • After shampooing your hair, fully blow dry it every time.
    • Use YUKO home care products, available at HQ Salon, for optimal care and maintenance.

    Transform the Look & Health of Your Hair with a YUKO Hair
    Straightening Treatment at HQ Salon

    HQ Salon is a chic, full-service salon offering exceptional YUKO hair straightening services, as well as the highest quality products and stunning results. Our expert Lakewood stylists cater to all types of hair while providing our clients with relaxing, luxurious experiences, personal service and dazzling looks.

    We are ready to offer you the best YUKO and other salon services in and around Lakewood.

    HQ Salon welcomes all types of clients – women, men and children. Our first-class service comes with deluxe amenities like a beer and wine bar, a snack bar,
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