Many words come to mind when describing Quyen & the girl’s at HQ – understanding, patient, kind, experienced, hard working, caring, top notch, freaking awesome, I can go on! But my very last visit with Quyen is what mattered the most..

To some women, hair is hair, for me, my hair makes me who I am, it’s my personality and way of expression.. So I went in not knowing what I was asking until 3 hours later, regret. Tons of thoughts went through my head, “do I like it, can I walk out with my hair like this, is my hair too light, doesn’t look too bad, why did I ask for this service”. All in all I knew I didn’t like it. I let Quyen know my concerns and being the wonderful person that she is, she redid my roots & spent another hour and a half with me to get what I truly wanted.

I admit fault for asking for something and not thinking of what the outcome would be but I can’t thank Quyen enough for being so patient and understanding. She did not let me down. I left really loving my hair and feeling so grateful for Quyen spending the extra time on me. I don’t know where else I would go but I know it’s worth my drive from Castle Rock to see her every time.. you will not be disappointed.