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With so many clients wanting longer, thicker hair, but not being able to naturally attain the desired results, it is no wonder that hair extensions have become such a wondrous choice. The expert hair stylists at HQ Salon give the best application, maintenance and removal of a multitude of hair extension types and have the knowledge to ensure that stylists get the right type of extensions for your hair type and your hair goals.

The Hair Extension Services at HQ Salon Include:

  • Tape-in.
  • Hand-tied extensions.

    Tape in hair extensions are the newest method of extensions available. Polyurethane coated wefts/panels with double sided tape attached ranging between 1″ – 4″ long which is applied on either side of the wearer’s hair “sandwiching” the user’s hair between two panels.

    Hand-tied extension’s benefits:

    • No glues, adhesives, tape or braiding is used to install hand-tied extensions.
    • We only use the highest grade of European hair which can last for up to a year with proper care.
    • Hand tied extensions can be worn 4-8 weeks before adjustment is needed.
    • The installation and the adjustment are very quick so it saves you a lot of time.
    • All hand-tied wefts are double drawn which ensures that each strand is the same length from root to tip so that you get maximum fullness, instantly.
    • Lightweight – This application uses the thinnest weft of hair possible for a light and natural look.
    • Each row is evenly dispersed with less points of contact on your scalp so you get fullness without the bulk.
    • Versatile – Hand-tied extensions are very versatile. This means you can put your hair up in a high bun, braids, low ponytail, and many other styles easily.


    To keep your hair extensions looking their best – and to keep them for the longest possible time, follow these care instructions:

    • Be gentle with your hair extensions, no pulling.
    • Purchase a good quality detangling brush and take care when brushing your hair extensions.
    • Minimize your use of hot tools (flat irons and curling rods/wands).
    • Keep hair out of salt water, heavy chlorine and hot tubs.
    • Discuss any planned future chemical services with your stylist before completing them to ensure that they will not affect or damage your hair extensions.

    Transform Your Look with the BEST Hair Extension
    Services at HQ Salon

    HQ Salon is a chic, full-service salon offering exceptional hair extension services, as well as the highest quality products and gorgeous results. Our expert hair technicians
    cater to all types of hair and are extremely skilled at creating gorgeous looks.

    Up to date with the latest innovations in hair extension technologies and techniques, we are ready to offer you the best hair extension services in and around Lakewood & Westminster.

    HQ Salon welcomes all types of clients – women, men and children. Our first-class service comes with deluxe amenities like a beer and wine bar, a snack bar,
    free parking and free WiFi to provide an optimal client experience. We look forward to serving you!

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