Eliminate frizz, enhance your hair’s natural waves and get a radiant shine with a Brazilian Blowout treatment at HQ Salon.

Brazilian Blowouts can improve the look and health of your hair via the latest innovations in hair treatments. They work on most hair types, lengths and textures for women and men alike.

Brazilian Blowout treatments at HQ Salon Start at $200.


A Brazilian Blowout treatment involves applying a mild liquid keratin formula to product-free hair. Bonding to hair, the formula seals the cuticle and forms a protective barrier around each strand of hair. This prevents external damage while:

  • Hydrating hair
  • Reducing frizz
  • Creating an intense shine
  • Increasing resilience to heat-based styling
  • Cutting blow dry time in half.

Unlike other keratin treatments that limit styling options or prevent you from washing your hair for days after the treatment, Brazilian Blowouts have NO downtime. This means that you can exercise, wash your hair and/or style it however you prefer immediately after leaving HQ Salon.

Two more benefits of Brazilian Blowouts:

  • They leave no visible traces of new hair growth – Brazilian Blowout treatments will not create lines in hair that reveal new growth. As a result, these treatments are a great option for transitioning from other relaxers, straighteners or keratin treatments.
  • They offer tailor-made solutions for different types of hair & individual preferences – Brazilian Blowout treatments can be tailored to any type of hair, from curly, frizzy and straight to damaged, coarse, kinky or fine. Also, these treatments can be customized to deliver the results you want. If you want to make your hair as smooth or as straight as possible – or if you want to preserve its texture, our stylists can tailor the formula to deliver the exact results you desire.
Brazilian Blowouts can be a game-changer when it comes to managing frizz and maximizing radiance.
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Brazilian Blowout treatments take about 90 minutes, and the results last about 12 weeks. When you get a Brazilian Blowout at HQ Salon, our expert Lakewood stylists will:

  • Wash your hair three to four times to remove all product and create the best possible base for the Brazilian Blowout formula.
  • Apply the formula to all of your hair, starting at the root and working section by section.
  • Blow dry your hair.
  • Flat iron your hair, with the iron heated at 450˚, to seal the formula and let it bond to your hair.
  • Rinse out the formula and apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair.
  • Blow dry your hair again.
Transform the Look & Health of Your Hair with a Brazilian Blowout at HQ Salon

HQ Salon is a chic, full-service salon offering exceptional services, amazing products and gorgeous results. Our master Lakewood stylists are extremely experienced at providing Brazilian Blowout treatments to all types of hair. We are ready to offer you the BEST Brazilian Blowout and other salon services in and around Lakewood.

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HQ Salon welcomes all types of clients – women, men and children. When you visit us, you can count on having a luxurious, relaxing experience. We have a beer and wine bar and a snack bar, as well as free parking and free WiFi. We look forward to serving & styling you!

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Second time in and decided to go with Melissa. She is by far the best hair stylist I’ve gone to! She answered all my questions, explained the options and gave genuine advice. Stated prices before starting. This isn’t just a ‘job’ to her, she actually cares about your hair! She was very professional with everything and I LOVE that she did not rush it and took her time! She was so sweet and easy to talk to and make conversation! Will definitely be coming back to her and recommend to others! Thank you Melissa and thank you HQ salon!

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Yesterday I went to Erica because my hair was a box-dye disaster! I tried doing my own hair and ruined it! But Erica was amazing! She saved my hair and was so sweet and patient and talked me through the whole process! She really made my appointment go so smoothly and I really can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me ! I’ll never let anyone else touch my hair now!

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