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  • Cuts


    (Wash & Blowout included)

    Women haircut
    Men haircut
    Children 12 under
    Blowout style
    Flat iron finish
    Curling iron finish
    Bangs (fringe) trim

  • Colors


    Color services include toner, melting, light dusting

    Olaplex add-on
    Olaplex Treatment
    Single Process Roots
    Full Color
    Base with
    Partial Hilights
    Full Hilights

    Partial foil
    Full Foil / Babylights
    Ombre/ Balayage/ Babylights
    Long (waist length)
    Global bleach
    Platinum card
    Pastel Hair Color add-on
    Base Color add-on
    Bump Base add-on
    Double Process/ Color Correction

    Corrective color and double process prices are quoted by consultation. You may email info@hqsalondenver.com or text 720-400-9655 a picture of your hair and an inspiration picture for an estimated quote.

    Cancelation Policy

    Gift Cards Available. Ask about our Referral Program.

  • YUKO Hair Straightening

    YUKO Hair Straightening

    Hair Straightening

    Also known as Japanese hair straightening, is the world renowned U.S. patented method recognized as the leading brand of chemical hair straightening that gives you low maintenance, shiny, hassle-free straight hair.

    No matter how curly or unruly your hair is, YUKO will create the results you’ve always wanted.



    Brazilian Blow Out

    Minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of natural wave/curl and promote radiant shine

  • Perms


    Texture perms




    (Includes 1 Touch Up 4-6 Weeks after the treatment)

    A more permanent solution to thin brows, but unlike a regular eyebrow tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implated under your skin with a manual handheld tool. We draw hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows.

    Ombre brows
    Aftercare Instruction
    Booking Policy



    Special Occasions & Bridal

    Special Occasion Updo
    Bridal Updo Trial
    special occasion make up
    Brides updos
    Bridesmaids Updos
    Makeup Trial
    Brides Makeup
    Bridesmaids Makeup
    Onsite Bridal Service

    Stylists are available for travel outside of the city to you. Consultation required for details

    Gift Cards Available. Ask about our Referral Program.

  • Eyelashes


    Full Volume Lash
    4D And Up

    *Fullset volume 2-3 hours

    Full Classics Lash

    Classics fullset 1-2 hours


    *Lashes have to have at least 40% attached to considered a refill or additional price will be added.

Meet The Team

Owner, Stylist at HQ Salon

Proud owner of HQ Salon and a master stylist. Quyen has over a decade of experience in the hair industry. She is a certified colorist and an expert stylist who’s work has produced a following of loyal clients that appreciate and value the work she continues to do. “I believe that spending more time with my clients allows me to insure my work which in turn wins much respect from my clients.”

Melissa, top hair stylist at HQ Salon

Melissa has been drawn to hair since just being a little girl. Having a family background of hairstylists as well as being one for 12 yrs gives her a passion for the hair industry. She loves having a close bond with her clients to ensure a great outcome on their service. She enjoys doing everything from makeup to color and is up for any challenge!

Portrait of Chole leading stylist in Lakewood, CO

Chloe Pinales has been in the hair industry for 12 years. She specializes in hair coloring, color correction, blending and specialty cuts. Chloe has a passion for color, and loves making her client’s achieve their ultimate goals. Chloe enjoys the opportunity to apply her experience, education and love of profession to create an enjoyable and satisfying salon experience.

Marina Shacklette
Portrait of Marina Shacklette, hair stylist and color specialist.

Motivated hair stylist skilled at color and cutting, and enthusiastic about making each guest feel beautiful and special. I am a continuous learner and attend classes and conferences regularly, to keep up with the current trends. I am an excellent listener and communicator and my goal is to meet each guests hair needs. I strive to provide high quality color, custom cuts and superior service with 6+ years of experience.

Erica Lamb
Portrait of Eric Lamb, stylist at HQ Salon

I was very adamant about what career path to follow. One day it occurred to me that I should go ahead and pursue a career in the beauty industry, I have always loved hair and makeup! I began my journey at Paul Mitchell the School of Denver in 2014, from there I knew I followed the right career path. I am so excited to have found my salon home, along with inspiring and talented artists.

Priscilla Gonzales
Portrait Priscilla Gonzales, assistant

After assisting Quyen and our talented stylists at HQ, I decided that I wanted to be the one behind the chair. I realized that the thing I enjoy the most is getting to know clients, because understanding every client’s personality and lifestyle helps to create the best look for each individual. I am currently in cosmetology school, and working on models to help further my education.

Sharon Chan
Portirait of Sharon Chan, make up, microblading, scalp micropigmentation artist at HQ Salon

Sharon is a highly trained Denver, Colorado based Makeup Artist. Her love for art and makeup started at an early age, and discovered her talent during art class in middle school. That’s when she had plans to obtain her cosmetology license. After graduating high school, she received her cosmetology license in 2006, and in 2009, her love for art blossomed into a career with MAC Cosmetics.

Sharon describes makeup artistry as “enhancing what is already beautiful.” She explains, “Every canvas is different. Whether it be in shape, color, texture… each canvas has a vision, an opinion, and a story. Each must be specially prepped to create a customized and flawless application. My tools and products are artfully layered and blended to achieve the desired effect. In makeup artistry, no face is exactly like another. That is what makes it so beautiful and exciting.”

After spending nearly 7 years with MAC Cosmetics, Sharon left her position at MAC to expand her career as a freelance Makeup Artist and obtained her certificate as a Microblading Professional. During her 6 month training with Phibrows, she studied the anatomy of the face and skin, and the art of creating realistic, natural hair stroke patterns. After months of extensive critique from her educators, she succeeded in performing beautiful brows, and was ecstatic to take clients right away!

Today, Sharon continues to work passionately, creating exquisite brows and makeup looks, designed specifically for each client!

Christian Maximilliano
Portrait of Christian Maximilliano, stylist at HQ Salon.

Ever since a little kid being in the salon with my mom opened a passion for hair. Watching the transformation in someone is just stunning, I feel that by creating a slight change with the appearance of my guest can make a huge impact in their life. I became really passionate about having a career in the beauty industry for that same reason I attended Paul Mitchell the school of Denver and my passion grew stronger, I love doing guests hair and makeup, and bringing out their true beauty.

Heather Grey
Portrait of Hetare Grey, hair stylist at HQ Salon

After starting my career as a make-up artist for MAC cosmetics, I decided to expand my repertoire into hair artistry. I strive to expand my creative knowledge with a wide range of hair techniques : including coloring techniques, color correction, & special occasion make-up while I build my business. I am passionate about continual education and Staying updated on all the latest trends, new products and services available in order to provide you with the best possible results to make you feel your best.

Erica Audra
Portrait of Erica Audra, stylist at HQ Salon

Erica Audra is a hair stylist passionate for color and blonde techniques. Since her first days at the Paul Mitchell the school, she realized that color and hair transformation would be her priority, she also took 6 months extra training to ensure a beautiful and safe work for her guests. She believes in continuing education, so she can always be on top of new trends for her guests. Finally and most importantly,  Audra likes to build a relationship with her guest where they feel comfortable to call or text any time for any advice and suggestions. She will always care for them.

Eva Martinez
Portrait of Eva Martinez, hair stylist at HQ Salon

Being a hairstylist has always been Eva’s dream. She believes that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. She is passionate about beauty, but more importantly, her goal to make people feel amazing about themselves. She specializes in colors like balayage and hair extensions.

Lisa Nhung
Portrait of Lisa Mhung who is microblading artist.

With over 11 years of eyelash extensions experience. I’ve learn that my patience and attention to details has allowed me to excel in the field. My specialty is volume lashes. I love creating sets of lashes that speaks to my clients. My love for lashes didn’t stop there. I wanted to get my hands on microblading and went to take a class in Dallas and continued my education with Phibrows in 2017. Trust in the process and the end results will be rewarded.

Michelle Wong
Portrait photo of Michelle Wong, hair stylist at HQ Salon Lakewood

Hi I am Michelle a hairstylist that loves to make my clients leave feeling and looking amazing. I specialize in color like balayage, ombré, highlights and lowlights. I also do updos for special events like prom and weddings. It has been my passion for many years and I enjoy every minute of my career.

  • I have been coloring my hair for over 3 years now and have had the bad ombré, my hair has been a really bad silver and even turned orange before. I go through so many stylists because it’s so hard to find someone who actually knows about coloring hair! Trust me… I’ve gone to places like Tony & Guy and Michael of the Carlyle. Both places do an alright job. I finally found this place…

    I’m so happy I came across this salon! I found HQ Salon on Instagram and fell in love. I was so happy that Quyen (pronounced like Quinn for the non-Asians) could fit me into her busy schedule especially since the salon only takes appointments! She was so sweet and knowledgable about coloring hair that she new exactly what I wanted!

    My hair did take about 3 hours but it was totally worth it!!!! Another quick tip, parking is a little hard but there is parking in the rear of the salon.

  • Many words come to mind when describing Quyen & the girl’s at HQ – understanding, patient, kind, experienced, hard working, caring, top notch, freaking awesome, I can go on! But my very last visit with Quyen is what mattered the most..

    To some women, hair is hair, for me, my hair makes me who I am, it’s my personality and way of expression.. So I went in not knowing what I was asking until 3 hours later, regret. Tons of thoughts went through my head, “do I like it, can I walk out with my hair like this, is my hair too light, doesn’t look too bad, why did I ask for this service”. All in all I knew I didn’t like it. I let Quyen know my concerns and being the wonderful person that she is, she redid my roots & spent another hour and a half with me to get what I truly wanted.

    I admit fault for asking for something and not thinking of what the outcome would be but I can’t thank Quyen enough for being so patient and understanding. She did not let me down. I left really loving my hair and feeling so grateful for Quyen spending the extra time on me. I don’t know where else I would go but I know it’s worth my drive from Castle Rock to see her every time.. you will not be disappointed.

  • Love this place! I’m very picky about my hair and coming from LA I wanted to have the best hair stylist.
    I have platinum blonde hair which is hard to maintain or find someone who is on the same page with me
    about my color.

    Quyen is the one who spends so much time with me because she is passionate about what she does.
    Thank you again for my gorgeous hair!

    Definitely recommend this place to my friends and everybody else!

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